Find the absolute minimal difference between two elements in an unsorted array
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Suppose you are given an unsorted array containing only non-negative integers. How will you find the absolute minimal difference between any two numbers in the array?

Posted Answers

The algorithm to find the minimal absolute difference between two numbers in the array works as follows:

  • Sort the array.
  • Iterate through the sorted array and take the difference between the two consecutive numbers.
  • Return their minimum.

Time complexity = \( O(nlogn) \).

The following code snippet (in Java) illustrates the approach.

public int absMinDifferenceInAnArray(int[] array){

/* Sort the array */
/* Initialize difference between two consecutive numbers to zero */
int minimum = 0;

for(int i = 1; i < (array.length - 1); i++){
int temp = Math.abs(array[i+1] - array[i]);
if (temp < = minimum)
minimum = temp;

/* Return the minimum difference */
return minimum;


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